In this episode I connect with Rob Gorski AKA The Autism Dad Award winning blogger, Podcast host of The Autism Dad show and social media influencer. Rob has written 13,000 articles over the last decade; he’s famed for documenting the real-life story of a family coping not only with autism but multiple, serious physical and emotional health issues.

Raise your hand if the phrase ‘Single Dad to 3 autistic kids’ makes you break out in a sweat of many questions. Which is why I had to have Rob on the show.

In our conversation we talk candidly on how Rob sees his privilege as a single dad versus single mums and walk through together how dads can raise the bar. This is one of those episodes where you’ll walk away with a fire in your belly for all that fatherhood offers you.

About my guest:

Single Dad to 3 autistic kids. Award winning blogger, having written 13,000 articles over the last decade. Podcast host and social media influencer.