Working too many hours for too little money? In debt? You’re not alone.

My guest, Chris Lambert-Gorwyn discovered first-hand how challenging it can be to survive in business. He was over £100,000 in debt before he realised the problem was simply he had never been trained how to run a successful business. Fast forward 12 months and Chris had grown his income over 650% and was running a six figure practice. In our conversation we talk about the boom or bust [all or nothing] way of working and how this affects balance and cash flow. Plus why discipline really does grow Freedom!

About my guest:

Chris, together with his wife Karene, has personally trained over 3000 practitioners and experts how to build 6 and 7 figure businesses and regularly gets invited to speak on stages around the world. Chris manages balancing his love of entrepreneurship with his new life on the South Coast with his wonderful wife Karene, their daughter Mya and dog Goldie.