In this episode Executive and personal coach,  Ken Mossman joins me – he’s founder of Cirrus Leadership and Coaching, father of Cai, husband of Danielle, and calls himself a Creative Cliff-Jumper. Together we talk about how owning all parts of yourself allows for a meaningful fun life. Ken breaks down how leveraging strengths, building capacity to hold paradox and creating home for your inner child is at the heart of living an integrated life.

(And, friends, Ken doesn’t just talk the talk —- this guy truly walks the walk).

About my guest:

Here’s a few more words about Ken: he’s specialised in working with men for two decades. He encourages men to discover, embrace and express all facets of themselves – light, shadow and everything in between – as the valuable resources they are – so that they are able to lead, communicate, contribute to and engage with their families, organisations and communities in more fulfilling, sustainable and fun ways. He is a coach, speaker, curriculum designer, father, husband who has awesome skills in the kitchen and still skis wickedly fast. In addition to his executive and personal coaching and men’s programs, Ken was, until recently, a senior leader and curriculum designer for CTI, the Co-Active Training Institute. His irrepressible spirit is creating new adventures, watch his space.