SPEAKing up for what’s right. My guest today is motivational Speaker and Author, Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence, he is also the younger brother of Stephen Lawrence. Stuart joined me to explore how the events of his life have meant he’s had to step up and speak out – and how he’s taking this work forward.

About my guest:

Stuart is a Motivational and Public Speaker; he’s also been a teacher and graphic designer. In his book, Silence Is Not An Option, he talks about what he has learned from life – the tools that have helped him live positively and kept him moving forwards when times have been tough.

Through knowledge, self-worth, determination, and unity Stuart believes our young people of today have the power to push for change within our society and make change. Stuart has now embarked on a broader mission speaking to local councils, establishments and companies, discussing privilege, conscious bias, racial inequalities and much more.