#81: FEEDING FUSSY EATERS – Ciara Attwell


Cut the stress & pressure out of mealtimes with fussy eaters. My guest for this special episode is Ciara Attwell; Author of My Fussy Eaters, Autism Advocate and Founder of Pick Plates. Ciara shares her no-nonsense and totally down to earth advice on how to get fussy eaters eating (!) and exploring new foods.

About Ciara Attwell:

Ciara is founder of My Fussy Eater and mum to Aoife (aged 8) and Finn (aged 5). She started her blog in 2014 in an attempt to get her very fussy eating daughter, then aged 3, to eat a better and more varied diet and to put some fun back into mealtimes. Since then she’s shared over 500 recipes on her site and My Fussy Eater has fast become one of the leading family food blogs in the UK and Ireland. Her aim is to help frustrated parents, grandparents and carers introduce their reluctant eaters to mealtimes that are not only healthy but also fun. In 2020 she launched Pick Plates.