Does the way we TEACH need a shake up? Whether you loved or loathed homeschooling, we’ve never been so aware of what our kids are learning (or not) at school. The hugely popular Lee Parkinson, aka Mr P, joins me to talk fatherhood, education, and what life as a teacher during a pandemic is really like. We explore:

  • Innovation in education, and what that means for us all
  • Lee’s passion for empowering teachers to use technology in the classroom
  • Why great teachers burn-out and leave
  • Higher order multiples as Lee and I are both parents to triplets!

About my guest, Lee Parkinson:

Lee is a Primary School Teacher who works part time in class and provides CPD and training to teachers all over the UK and beyond focusing on creative use of technology.

Lee’s worked in primary school’s for the past 13 years. About 5/6 years ago he went part-time to start his own business where he provides training for schools and teachers looking at enhancing the curriculum through technology. Lee is host of “Two Mr Ps in a Podcast” with his fellow primary school teacher brother, Adam. Their podcast takes a light-hearted look at life in the classroom.