The importance of mental wellbeing. My guest this week is Charlie Hoare, author of Man Down. Charlie and I explore all things MASK – whether that’s putting on a brave face or masking emotions to cope. We explore normalising the experience of mental health and how we can all work to create a society and culture that doesn’t condition young boys (and men) into binary stereotypes. Charlie shares his own journey with mental health and what’s in his mental health toolkit.

About my guest, Charlie Hoare:

Charlie Hoare is a life coach & culture consultant with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Personal experience of depression and anxiety led him to write ‘MAN DOWN: A Man’s Guide to Mental Health’, endorsed by Russell Brand. He co-founded TÅPPED birch water having worked for Innocent Drinks, Air Asia, and start-ups in London, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, from where he cycled the 10,000 miles home (perhaps ironically for mental health charity SANE!).