#66: LIFT – Patrick Hutchinson


How can we LIFT others for the greater good? Patrick Hutchinson joins me for an exploration of an incident that many of us from 2020 that many of us will remember well. On 13th June 2020, Patrick and his friends were compelled to intervene in an incident which would subsequently change the course of their lives and garner worldwide media attention. The image of Patrick lifting and rescuing the Anti BLM protestor from serious harm went viral. We explore how this was a crossroads moment for Patrick, what the movement means in a wider and the work to be done now.

About my guest, Patrick Hutchinson:

Patrick is a Personal Trainer, public figure, author, and now co-founder of UTCAI– a proud father of four, with four grandchildren. His book, Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter to My Children, is a poignant letter from Patrick to his children and grandchildren. Writing from the heart, he describes the realities of life as a black man today and why we must unite to inspire change for generations to come.