#64: WORLD – Tharik Hussain


Exploring Muslim heritage in the UK and around the WORLD. My guest this week is author and travel writer, Tharik Hussain. We hear about his family trip exploring European Muslim heritage and the importance of moving beyond a white-centred narrative, in the way and where we travel. 


About Tharik Hussain 

Tharik is an author, travel writer and journalist specialising in Muslim heritage and culture. His forthcoming book, ‘Minarets in the Mountains; A Journey into Muslim Europe’ (Bradt; June 2021), is about a road trip he took with his family a few summers back in search of Europe’s indigenous Muslim cultures, communities and heritage. It is the first English travel book to explore this topic, and the first written by a Muslim travel writer.

Tharik is also the author of several guides for Lonely Planet, including Saudi Arabia (shortlisted for the 2020 Travel Media Awards), Bahrain and Thailand, and his articles have been published across the globe. In July 2019 he created Britain’s first Muslim heritage trails; in 2017 Tharik was named one of the UK’s most inspiring British Bangladeshis and in 2016 his BBC World Service radio documentary, ‘America’s Mosques; a story of integration’, was named ‘World’s Best Religious Program’ at the New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs Awards.

Tharik is a Fellow of the Centre of Religion and Heritage at the University of Groningen (Netherlands), has an MA in Islamic Studies, two decades of experience in media and education, and is a leading consultant on global Muslim culture and travel.

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