#62: Dismantling Diet Culture Around Kids – Molly Forbes


What will it take to dismantle diet culture for our kids, and for ourselves? I’m so glad to be sharing a gloriously body-positive episode with guest Molly Forbes @mollyjforbes. January’s always a stark reminder that there’s so much unpicking for us to do with diet culture- considering the impact on our kids is a great place to start! With kids as young as 7 wanting to count calories and PE teachers commenting on weight gain, there’s so much work to be done. Molly and I explore having conversations about weight, letting go of vigilance, plus how to raise our kids to accept all bodies as worthy and wonderful.

About Molly Forbes:

Molly Forbes is on a mission to change the conversation around body image, and as a campaigner, writer and speaker she’ll do whatever it takes to take the idea we’re allowed to like ourselves just as we are, mainstream. The mum-of-two is a consistently popular and relatable voice in the positive body image arena, appearing as a host on Channel 4 body confidence boosting show Naked Beach, and regularly being called to comment on body image in the media, including appearances on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, and Radio 1’s Newsbeat.

With a passion for positivity, confidence, and body image chat, she is the founder of the #FreeFromDiets campaign, a movement to cancel diet culture around children (and home of the Body Happy Kids workshops for teachers and youth leaders), hosts a hit podcast on body image and has amassed a fast-growing and loyal audience on social media, inspiring her followers to love the skin they’re in. Molly is regularly called on as a public speaker, sharing her insights into the subject too.