#61: MIX – Hadrien Chatelet


Finding a MIX that works for you. My guest this week is Hadrien Chatelet, Creative Director of The Wern, a communications consultancy for startups, entrepreneurs, and independents. We explore the gift of dyslexia, the impact of proving yourself constantly, and how to find space for downtime when you’re a passionate workaholic and father to young children. 

About Hadrien Chatelet: From literally being caught red-handed and commissioned on the spot to create street art for (Agnes-B) a fashion brand in France, to cutting his teeth in London as a junior designer for a wallpaper company. Hadrien has a wealth of experience across the design, art and branding world. His most recent role saw him build and manage the creative department for the European Marketing division of Endeavor. Hadrien is an advocate for shared parental leave and his desire to share the parental load is a contributing factor to him becoming a co-founder with his partner. They work from a garden office in Hackney. When not making things beautiful visually he also bends your ear with French electro/techno mixes under his DJ alter-ego Kiki With Love. As well as launching the strategic branding and design arm of The Wern, Hadrien is developing a range of FREE tools, DIY products, and one-to-one coaching.