#55: CHRISTMAS TAPPING – Sarah Tobin


What exactly is tapping and how can it help us release tension and feel calmer? My guest for this Sunday Supplement is exactly the person to answer that question! Sarah Tobin joins me to share what tapping is, how to incorporate the techniques into everyday life plus how it’s especially handy during stressful times (like Christmas and a pandemic!). Sarah is an experienced Tapping Practitioner and the creator of Tapping for Mums.

Sarah Tobin found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) while suffering from severe PTSD following the loss of her first baby Alice. Her first session with a therapist was so life changing, she continued using it on her own for the next 3 years before deciding to train it herself to share this effective technique with as many people as possible. She has now been tapping for 5 years. During that time she has gone on to have two sons (a planned C section and a natural birth) – all using the tapping technique.

She created Tapping for Mums two years ago to help mums let go and heal their birth trauma, baby loss, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem, anxiety, ancestral trauma and much more.

EFT / Tapping is often known as ‘acupuncture without the needles’ or ‘talk therapy on speed’. As we tap on key points in the body we send a signal to the brain that switches off the Fight, Flight, Freeze response – making us feel better emotionally and physically. Talking about how we are feeling while we are tapping effectively releases the negative emotion, making us feel lighter or feel released. It is extremely effective in releasing past trauma as well as managing day to day emotions that arise – it helps in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, PND, depression, PTSD, physical pain and much more. It releases stress and therefore allows the body to rest more effectively – hence sleep can often be improved as a result.