#49: TECH – Jordan Shapiro


“For at least one hundred years, since the beginning of television, people have been trying to prove that screen-time is bad and they have not been able to find any sort of toxic impact”. My guest this week is author and academic, Jordan Shapiro. His book “The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World” offers a down to earth, and positive perspective on the narrative around children and technology – and that’s exactly what we’re getting into. We explore how to make digital-technology a positive thing, cutting the guilt and how to be more involved in our children’s tech journey. 


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Jordan Shapiro, PhD, is an author, educator, and researcher. He’s currently Senior Fellow for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Nonresident Fellow in the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution. He teaches in Temple University’s Intellectual Heritage Program, and he wrote “The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World” (Little Brown Spark, 2018). He lives in Philadelphia with his two sons. His next book: “Father-Figure: How to be a Feminist Dad” will be published in early 2021.