#48: LINKS – Martin Insley


What’s the LINK between getting moving and feeling good? For technology leader and extreme runner, Martin Insley, being active is a non-negotiable – and an act of self-care. We explore the different relationships men and women have with leisure, self-care and time management & more. 

Martin is a senior leader and expert software engineer with 15+ years experience across a multitude of sectors and technologies. An experienced people manager with a deep understanding of assembling and managing global teams of software engineers, developers and solutions architects. A highly skilled technical problem solver and solutions architect experienced in meeting and managing the complex demands of internal and external customers to drive strategic change and deliver data-driven insights for informed decision making.

Martin has always been passionate about inclusion and joined the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) in 2018 as a mentor for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Martin is also a STEM ambassador for South Cambridgeshire and mentor for CityParents and at IHS Markit, believing passionately that through peer support, everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential.