#42: WHOLE – Eldra Jackson III


Being WHOLE can mean accepting the light and dark sides of ourselves. TED Talker and Co-Exec Director of Inside Circle, Eldra Jackson III joins me for a conversation unpacking toxic masculinity from inside the prison system as an life-sentence inmate to his work with Inside Circle. We talk power + control, gang life, remorse (or lack of) and more. Eldra’s perspective on life and his humility is truly refreshing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode – as always, you can email me on danusia@schoolforfathers.com 

Here’s Eldra’s bio: “I write, speak publicly and advocate for at-risk youth, criminal justice rehabilitation, community building and overcoming toxic masculinity. As an inmate at New Folsom Prison, I found Inside Circle and began a personal journey of self-awareness and transformation that not only led to being granted freedom from a life sentence, but also to my current leadership role. As a living example of successful rehabilitation and re-entry, my life’s work now – as a facilitator, trainer and mentor – includes actively supporting others, both within and outside of prison, in overcoming their limiting beliefs.”

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