#41: SHARE – Rambaut Fairley


How to SHARE parental leave is a hot topic for any expecting parents. For Rambaut Fairley, Commercial Director at Bourne Leisure, taking 6 months out to care for his twins was “the best time of his career”. In this ep we explore:

  • The realities of making parental leave work
  • Shattering “default presumptions”
  • How organisations can encourage take-up

Rambaut is a Strategist, Leisure Industry Expert and father of twins. Since 2018 he’s been the Commercial Director of Bourne Leisure, the UK focused hospitality group that owns Haven, Butlin’s and Warner Leisure Hotels. 

In 2016 Rambaut and his wife became parents to identical twin girls; after a difficult pregnancy due to their girls suffering from Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome – they arrived 10 weeks premature. The twins spent 5 weeks in hospital but thanks to incredible medical care, they returned home with two beautiful healthy baby girls. 6 months later, Mairi returned to work so that Rambaut could take over looking after the girls for the 6 months of their shared parental leave. At the end of their shared parental leave, Mairi and Rambaut agreed to work 4 days a week so they could spend 3 days together each week as a family.  Family Fridays, as they call them, is their favourite day of the week.


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