#40: STIFF – Giles Wheeler


My guest this week is Giles Wheeler, Brand Consultant and Stiffy Club founder. I explore, with Giles, the journey that took him from branding to selling condoms online (!). We talk peer pressure, making bold business moves and much more in this episode.

Giles is a Brand Consultant, the Founder of Stiffy Club and a married father of 3 boys. Stiffy Club is a pioneering condom subscription service, that Giles set up to defend, in his words, the good name of the much maligned condom. He followed his love of art & design, training and working in branding for 30 years. He also rather enjoys having a product to sell like his venture Cake in a Can ,and now, since lockdown, authentic Indian food as well. He prides himself on beautiful branding in all his ventures.