#32: HEAL – Milagros Phillips


“We all have a place in dismantling racism”. Long-term listeners will remember this episode from July 2019. I was joined by Milagros Phillips, a race HEALer on a mission to fight racism through education. Milagros shares how there is no time for inaction and while not everyone is born to be an activist, everyone has a role to play in dismantling racism. It was an honour to speak with her then and it’s an honour to share her work again now.

Milagros is a speaker, seminar facilitator, author of 2 books on race, and the producer/host of Race Healer TV. She is also the editor of Race Healer Magazine which will be available in Mid June this year. Her 2-Day seminar, Race demystified had been facilitated for 19 years. Milagros has worked with national leaders, corporations, and nonprofits for more than 30 years. Milagros is the mother of 3 amazing beings.