#24: BUILD – Carl Reader


How can we BUILD a business, and life, without over-complicating things? My guest, Carl Reader, knows a thing or two about building businesses! Carl is a business expert, qualified accountant, chairman and the founder of the #BeYourOwnBoss movement. In this episode we explore work/life balance, why Carl hates holidays and a 4 step process making things happen. 

Carl is a business expert, qualified accountant and the founder of the #BeYourOwnBoss movement. He’s also chairman of business advisory firm d&t, which has over 2,500 clients in the UK, and director of 3 other businesses. He’s a business author (written 2 business books with another in the pipeline), has advised thousands of businesses and even has his own business podcast, where he gives advice and guidance on how to start, grow and build a business. He has over 125k followers across social media platforms, and regularly keynotes on small business topics. His third book Boss It: Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life is out in October. 

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