#21: DISRUPTION – Routines during COVID-19 – Emma Gleadhill


How do we keep steady when everything is so up in the air? As we record this episode, the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping it’s way across the world, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I asked Emma Gleadhill to join me on the show today because there are millions and millions of families that are way off their usual routine due to working-from-home, school closures and social distancing. In this episode Emma and I cover how to reframe what’s happening – sounds simple but as we know it’s complicated.

Previously a school leader, Emma’s training and consultancy work on relationships and wellbeing combines with her post-graduate training in child and adolescent psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic, Emotional Intelligence, and Positive Psychology. She’s also a coach, working with teens, parents and adults to help them connect with their inner wisdom and lead fuller lives by engaging with their creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.