This prick up your ears episode has it all. The jostle of debate, tears dropping on the mic, and a whoop-yes to shared visions. My special guest is Joe Horton – husband, Father, and Business Owner who believes meaning is at the centre of everything men do. He hosts the Guild of Dads Podcast, which is a weekly interview show dedicated to equipping Dads with all the tools resources and ideas needed to begin to craft a Vision for their own lives. Joe interviews Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Ex-Servicemen, Best Selling Authors, Stuntman, Film Makers and BBC presenters, along with many other men.

We cover existential crisis and men’s search for meaning, getting time out together//with each child///alone, + a fear of getting your own needs met. This is all about fathers firing on ALL cylinders and what it takes to have this happen!

About my guest:

Joe Horton is Host of the Guild of Dads Podcast and Founder of the Dads movement of the same name!